The Magic of Autumn Family Portraits



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Photography has been a major part of my life since the wee age of 16. I’ve discovered that the most authentic and beautiful photographs are those that center around big, beautiful, genuine love! I thrive on diving into the experience of the love between you, your partner and your family’s (whatever that looks like for you!) and capturing those moments in true, natural, and candid ways to ensure authenticity in the imagery. 

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The Magic of Early Autumn Family & Couples Portraits: Why Now is the Perfect Time

Autumn – the season where nature paints every leaf in fiery hues, and the air is filled with a crisp anticipation of the holidays. As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, it is a poignant reminder that time is fleeting. The same can be said for family moments, making early autumn the perfect time to capture these memories before they, too, fade away. Here’s why scheduling your family portrait session now, in the early days of autumn, is a decision you won’t regret:

1. The Backdrop of Dreams 🍁🍂 Early autumn provides a unique and vibrant backdrop that can’t be replicated in any other season. The trees are ablaze with colors – reds, oranges, yellows, and browns – offering a picturesque setting. With nature at its most splendid, the resulting photos often look magical and timeless.

2. Comfortable Weather Conditions ☀️🌬️ Unlike the unpredictable chills of late autumn, early fall is comfortably cool. This ensures everyone feels at ease during the shoot, preventing sweaty faces or discomfort. The gentle wind adds a playful element, letting scarves fly and hair flow, adding life to the images.

3. Festive Wardrobe Options 🧥👢 The season’s transition from summer to winter allows for a fusion of wardrobe choices. Mix and match summer dresses with autumn cardigans or incorporate boots and hats. The options are endless, letting your family’s personality shine through.

4. Ahead of the Holiday Rush 🎄⏳ With the festive season approaching, families often get swamped with preparations. By capturing your family portrait now, you’re ahead of the game. Plus, these photos can double up as personalized holiday cards or gifts for relatives.

5. Time Flies, Memories Don’t 🕰️❤️ Children grow, families expand, and moments pass. Autumn symbolizes change and transition. Capturing your family now means cherishing your current phase, whatever it might be. Next year, things might look different, making this year’s memories all the more precious.

6. Natural Lighting Galore 🌅 The golden hour seems even more golden during autumn. With the sun setting earlier, there’s no need to keep the little ones up late. You can achieve those sought-after warm tones without compromising bedtime routines.

7. The Anticipation of Winter ⛄❄️ There’s a unique energy in the air during early autumn. It’s the mingling of the remnants of summer warmth and the fresh, invigorating scent of the approaching winter. This energy translates beautifully into candid, lively family photos.

In Conclusion:

Autumn is nature’s last hurrah before the stillness of winter. It’s a season of beauty, change, and reflection. By choosing to have your family portraits done in early autumn, you’re not just getting photographs – you’re freezing a moment, a phase, a feeling. And as the leaves continue to fall and the world transforms once more, you’ll have a tangible memory of a time that once was. So don’t wait for the leaves to disappear and the snow to set in. Celebrate your family’s unique story now, set against the backdrop of autumn’s resplendent tapestry.

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