Surprise Proposal Do’s and Don’ts: A Guide for a Colorado Proposal Photography Session



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Photography has been a major part of my life since the wee age of 16. I’ve discovered that the most authentic and beautiful photographs are those that center around big, beautiful, genuine love! I thrive on diving into the experience of the love between you, your partner and your family’s (whatever that looks like for you!) and capturing those moments in true, natural, and candid ways to ensure authenticity in the imagery. 

I’m Simone

The decision to propose to your partner is an exhilarating and life-changing event. As you prepare to take this significant step in your relationship, careful planning can make the moment unforgettable for both of you. From choosing the right setting to selecting the perfect ring, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to plan the ultimate proposal.

1. Know Your Partner’s Style: Before diving into the details of the proposal, take some time to reflect on your partner’s personality and preferences. Consider their style, whether it’s intimate and private or grand and public. Is taking your partner on a big hike in order to propose to them something THEY would enjoy/be able to do? Or would they prefer something a lower altitude in the foothills – where you can go on a walk and not get too sweaty, but still have mountain backdrops? Tailoring the proposal to suit their taste ensures a more meaningful and memorable experience. 

2. Choose the Right Setting: The location of the proposal sets the tone for the entire experience. Whether it’s a scenic spot that holds sentimental value or a place that aligns with your partner’s interests, the setting should reflect your relationship. Consider picturesque landscapes, favorite restaurants, or even the place where you first met. With all consult meetings held via phone call or video call, we discuss the setting that makes the most sense for your proposal, and I’ll do some scouting to find the perfect spot. This helps to ensure we are aligned as to where you should stand to get the BEST photo of your proposal. 

3. Incorporate Personal Touches: Adding personal elements to the proposal can make it even more special. Consider including elements that reflect your journey as a couple, such as photos, mementos, or shared memories. Personal touches demonstrate thoughtfulness and make the proposal uniquely yours.  Vaughn, seen below, took his partner on a scavenger hunt and gave hints and clues along the way. 

4. Seek Help if Needed: If planning an elaborate surprise seems overwhelming, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of friends or family. Whether it’s coordinating logistics or capturing the moment on camera, having a support system can alleviate stress and ensure everything runs smoothly. Your photographer should be helpful and understanding of this, and should offer help! They too want to make sure the photos work out! 

5. Timing is Key: Choose a moment that feels right for both of you. Whether it’s a significant date, a holiday, or a random day that holds personal meaning, timing adds an extra layer of sentiment to the proposal. Be mindful of your partner’s schedule and make sure they’re in the right frame of mind to fully enjoy the moment. Considering the time of day is also very important for your photographs to come out beautiful – early morning or late afternoon/early evening often offer the best light! 

6. Practice Your Words: While spontaneity is appreciated, having a general idea of what you want to say can help calm your nerves. Express your feelings genuinely and from the heart. Consider writing a letter or jotting down key points to ensure you convey your emotions effectively. 

7. Capture the Moment: Capturing the proposal on film allows you both to relive the special moment for years to come. Having tangible memories adds an extra layer of joy to the occasion. Working with a professional photographer who has experience with proposals is the key to ensuring you have the imagery you want from your surprise proposal! Most offer a little extra time after the proposal itself for some couples portraits. 

In the end, a successful proposal is not just about the grandeur of the moment but the sincerity and thoughtfulness behind it. By considering your partner’s preferences, selecting the perfect ring, and planning a personalized and meaningful setting, you can create a proposal that reflects the unique beauty of your relationship. Embrace the journey, enjoy the process, and get ready to embark on the next chapter of your lives together! 

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